Sunday, April 20, 2008


What a word!! I am learning that over and over everyday.  Vance doesn't tell me no on a lot of things but once he says it he just keeps repeating it because he thinks it is so funny.  He just sits there laughing at himself for saying something funny.  He will say everyones name anytime except for when I ask him to say it for Mimi or one of his aunts or uncles and then he says "No!" while laughing.  He is just so funny.  Everyday brings a new word or several new words.  They may grow quickly when they are little but once they start talking they just grow up so fast.  I can't seem to keep up with him sometimes.  It makes be very thankful that I don't use bad words because he would not be shy at all to say it anytime.  The other day we had a big moment... he came up to me and said "Poo Poo!" and he grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom, picked up his cushy seat, put it on the toilet and was looking at my like "Hello take this thing off so I can go.  So I took his diaper off and put him on the potty and he went Pee!!! I was like "Hurray!!"  It was a total shock for him to know that he had to go pee.  I love him so much and everyday brings new surprises that I love to look forward too.  To all you mothers out there, enjoy every moment because you never know what the next moment brings.