Monday, November 22, 2010

The current comings and goings of the boys!

I really wanted to put an update on here while I remember some of the sweet things Vance has said recently.

M: What did you learn in primary today?
V: About the Sacrament.
M: What about it?
V: That we take it to remember the Jesus died for us so we can be a forever family.
M:Oh that is great.
V: Yeah now I know about Jesus, Super heroes, Ninja turtles, and the Sacrament.
M: HEHEHE That is great!

V: Mommy, Perhaps we should get another Ice cream for me!

V: Chill out mommy it is just Kael.
M: Hmmm

V: What are we doing?
M: Getting daddy a drink because he doesn't feel very well.
V: I took a bite of his ice cream so I need my own soda.
M: We'll see

V: Oh mommy I am so Frustrated!

V: Can I have another Portilla? (Tortilla)

Kael is also saying a lot now. He also wants to do everything that Vance does. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

K: All done
K: Pees
K:Das all
K: Les Go
K:D Apple