Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I am thankful for....

So weeks like these week make you realize the things and people you are really grateful for. Vance has had sort of a rough week. I don't know if he started out sick or was just being two but he ended the week being sick which is always such fun. Curtis is also sick and I am not feeling to swell myself. I am realizing how grateful I am for my mom, mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in law, and any woman that has children. Sometimes I look back at growing up and think how did my mom ever get things done? How did she have the energy to take care of us all and clean the house and have a calling in church and be a cheer coach. I just don't know how she did it. And then there is my mother-in-law. I wasn't there during Curtis' childhood but he has told me some amazing things and I don't know how she had the brain power to have so many different jobs, and finish her master's. Oh and my sisters/sisters-in-law, when I look at there lives it just amazes me all that they are doing and how they are keeping it together. They are all just such and inspiration to me and so good to talk to me about whatever I need help with even if they have a billion things to do that. It's not that I am not grateful for the men I my life because I absolutely am but this week just really made me think about the "Mom's" in my life. The Lord has blessed me with these amazing women that are all around me and it is such a blessing to be able to pull from their wisdom to help me in my life. Yes even you that may be single or not have children yet you are amazing and have so much to offer. I just wanted to say thanks for always being there and being willing to listen when I need someone to talk to. You are truly a special gift to me that I cherish so much.

On a lighter note here are some other things that I am thankful for this week:
  1. Child door locks
  2. Curtis, for giving me girl time even when he was sick
  3. Vance's ability to still love me even when I yell at him for something.
  4. Sweet smiles that come out just when you are mad and want to send your children away.
  5. The energy of a two year old
  6. The library for having books and movies to entertain so that I can have some me time.
  7. Those new cold medicine strips that Vance can't spit out at me when I give it to him.
  8. The cold fresh air that I can breathe in and get away from the throw up for the 6th time in            the last few days.
  9. The fact that my son does understand me even when he tries and succeeds at ignoring me.
  10. Being pregnant, because it reminds me that I didn't screw up too bad otherwise Heavenly           Father wouldn't send me another one.
  11. Pretzels, that can be my saving grace in a tight spot like shopping at the store.
  12. Josh Groban, well I am sure you all know why he is amazing. 
  13. Dish washers, 'nough said
  14. Chick flicks that my husband doesn't like to watch which gives me yet again more girl time.
  15. Geo tracks, it can occupy Vance for a long time
  16. Blogs because it gives me a chance to vent.

So there you have it just a small list of things I am thankful for this week. I figured since this is the month of Thanksgiving that it would be a good thing for me to think more about the things I am thankful for.