Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Computer problems and Potty Training

So... my computer isn't working that has all my pictures on it so you all are going to have to deal without a picture until I take more and download them on Curtis' computer. Anyway, I thought I would just write a quick note about what is going on in our lives. We are currently Potty Training Vance which is going pretty well. He definitely has a mind of his own and it has to be his idea to pee-pee or it just isn't going to happen. The funny thing is that if I ask him if he needs to go and he doesn't he will say no and run and close the bathroom door like having it closed is going to change the fact that he has to go. What a stinker. He has been so fun these last few weeks. LOVE THIS KID TO DEATH!!! Here are some more fun sayings from Vance:

During prayer Vance will say: Bless to go potty like Elmo (we have an Elmo potty video that he loves to watch so that is what he associates with learning to use the potty. Silly kid.

Mommy: I love you buddy.
Vance: Love you mommy, my best friend!

We are still in debates about the baby's name so it is really funny when I ask Vance who is in Mommy's tummy and he says "baby Kael," then I ask where is baby Xander and he points to his own belly and says "Vances belly." Wait a minute that isn't right. I just can't convince him that he doesn't have a baby too.

Vance gets to pick some movies out at the library and when I say he can watch them his response is "I'm so so glad"

Vance: Why you putting that away mommy?
Mommy: Because it is time to clean up.
Vance: Why not?
Mommy: Why not what?
Vance: Why not?
And this goes on and on and on!!!

Anything that is in the shape on a tube and has a hole in it he automatically puts it up to his eye and says "Arrr maties" 

So anyway that is some of his fun sayings. I should write them down more often because I know I am forgetting so many but that is what I can remember. Curtis is almost done with his first six week rotation in surgery and can't be happier. He starts his second six week rotation on Monday in Des Moines so that will be a tough one. We will soon see what we are all made of. I am now 35 weeks and counting. Boy this is coming up fast. It is so exciting though. So there you have it folks, a small update from Iowa. Hope you are all well.