Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July to present

Vance riding his Giraffe George around the kitchen. He wanted me to ride his dinosaur so that is what I am holding.
He had started out with both of them but left the dinosaur and kept riding George.
This is one of the buildings on the strip in Coralville that was hit by the flood. You can see the water line on the building now. It is crazy how high it was.
We decided to go have lunch with daddy while he was studying and this is how Vance wanted to  eat his corn dog.  Silly boy.
Vance trying to play with the sparklers. He loved the fireworks, except for the fact that they were really loud.
Coming down the slide.
We looked over and this is what Vance was doing. Can you believe it?
Showing us his candy that he went get during the parade.
So much candy.  he loved it.
He also went and got a water bottle. So cute.
Just a cute kid.
Clapping to the one man band.
Our friends Tyler, Elsha, and Ian with Vance before the parade started.
Our little family waiting for the parade. Vance was so excited.
These dogs were such a great distraction while we were waiting, however, they are HUGE!! That dogs face is bigger than my whole head I am not joking.  I can't believe Vance would even go close to those things but he loved them. They were super slobbery too.