Friday, March 26, 2010

An update

I thought I would just put a little update on here for all our avid readers. We are settled well in our new home and the boys love being here and having a yard to play in (when it isn't snowing or cold). Curtis is enjoying his job and really doing well. Crystal just got a new calling in the Young Woman as Mia Maid Advisor and is really excited for this new opportunity. She is feeling great and can't wait to find out what we are having. Vance is just growing so quickly and is loving using his imagination. His new favorite thing right now is Ninja Turtles. He loves pretending to be the "BLUE" one by sticking two swords down the back of his shirt and pulling them out randomly to save my life. He is still just a great big brother to Kael and is really excited when Kael takes the occasional few steps here and there. He loves spending time with Daddy out in the yard trying to tame our trees and other various shrubbery back there. He even has his own gardening gloves. He loves it. Kael is so funny. All you have to do is smile at the kid and he starts laughing and his laugh is so funny. He is getting to the point where he will refuse to eat if I don't give him a spoon also even though it stays in one hand and the other hand puts food in his mouth but he loves it all the same. He is getting really close to walking now. He takes several steps now before he falls down. He now just stands up and starts trying to walk instead of just crawling every where first. He is doing better with words and can say "Pees" please, "an oo" Thank you, "beh" Bread, "Mommy", "Daddy", "Broder", and "ees" Cheese. There are others as well but they are not as consistant as these are. So there you have it folks that is what is going on here. We are loving our home and our sweet boys and just plain enjoying life. Oh and here are some things that Vance comes up with for your enjoyment:

-"Mommy this is the best food you ever made. Thank you so much!"
-"Oh hello my little stinky boy!" He says this to Kael in the morning since Kael is often stinky when he wakes up.
-He will say something that I am not sure what it is and I ask him what does that mean and he says everytime "It means in Spanish Arquo!" What! Who knows.
-"Mommy did I take a nap?" He says this every morning when he wakes up. No it is just bed time not nap time silly!
-"Mommy where is daddy?" "He is at work" Face fallen he says "Oh no but I love him and miss him so much!"
-"Ok here is the deal, first we are going to have Family Home Evening and we will have two songs, two prayers, Mommy talks, then we will play the fishing game and have a snack. Sounds like a deal?" He says this every night. We have tried to explain FHE is only on Monday but he wants to do it every night. He is so funny
-"Sounds like a deal?" This is what he says when he has a plan for me
-Any time he sees a little kid anywhere we are he says"Oh look mommy there is my friend can we play?" He loves being around other kids whether older or younger he is completely content.
-Looking at the ants in the back yard "Oh look mommy these are my beetle ant friends can they come in?" Um no please.
-"Mommy I love you!" And he gives me a great big hug with his eyes closed tight. My sweet boy
-"Hey you little Bunk kink!" this is what he says to Kael and we don't have a clue where he got this from.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our New HOME!!!

Well we did it. We made the big step and bought a house! Crazy stuff for sure. We love our house and we are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. We are in the outskirts of Colorado Springs which is really nice. We are enjoying the improvements that we are making and plan on making in the future. Enjoy these pictures of our home.