Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our silly Vance

I just wanted to put on here some of the funny things Vance has said so I don't forget it.

The other day we were having dinner and Vance chose pizza for his and I was eating a salad, well of course he wanted mine once he saw it so I was sharing with him. He loves cottage cheese and ate all of mine so I went and got him a bowl of cottage cheese and he said "Oh mommy you are a genius!" Smart boy!

Mommy: "Vance are you eating the starburst mommy told you to put back? I said no candy right now."
Vance: "No mommy" He says with his mouth full and looking innocent, "It's chocolate."
Mommy: "What chocolate?"
Vance: "This one" He brings back a bowl with Curtis' rolos in it that he had taken off the cupboard, unwrapped, and put in his own bowl. By the time I realized it he had eaten half of them.

Mommy: "Vance daddy is coming home"
Vance: "He is? Oh goody, little brother daddy is coming home. Hurray!"

Vance was watching a cartoon and it was somebody's birthday and they were eating cake so I said "Vance you get to have a cake on your birthday soon what would you like it to look like?"
Vance: "A smiley face"
Mommy: "Okay."
Next day Vance: "Mom I can have cake today, yum yum!"
Mommy: "No not today on your birthday"
Next day Vance: "Today I can have cake?"
Mommy: "No I am sorry not until your birthday" and this went on for about a week. So silly, memory like and elephant.