Monday, May 18, 2009

Video of Kael

You need to turn off our music in order to hear his little sounds. Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kael 3 months and pictures of my boys.

Kael had a 3 month weight check today and he is now 13 1/2 lbs. What a big boy! He is so much fun. He loves to smile and his laugh is so cute. We just pulled out the good ole exersaucer and Kael is a big fan. He loves to stand up all the time so this was a great alternative for me so that I didn't have to hold him up all the time when I needed to do things around the house. Vance is so adorable with Kael. He sees how we talk to him and had started talking baby talk to Kael as well. Today he went up to him put his face down by Kael and said "Oh cute baby, ew mommy he smells like poo poo!" Well that is one way to find out. He loves life and is so full of energy that we are struggling to keep up most of the time but that is the way life is right now. I wanted to show you all how alike our boys look so I found some pictures of Vance when he was 3 months old to compare to Kael so here the are. 

Here is Vance
And here is Kael

Vance with a sweet smile
Kael with a sweet smile
Vance in the Exersaucer
Kael in the Exersaucer, Crazy huh!

Note the cute bum in the background. Vance has a habit of leaving his pants off after he goes to the bathroom so he is almost always half dressed.
Oh so cute, the flash kept making him open his eyes so wide.
Sly smile
Tummy time! So strong.

Oh so sweet.
He loved this chair, thank you Jaime and Ruben, and he loved to stare at the fish floating in the top. He would get this adorable smile and just sit and giggle the whole time. I just missed the sweet smile when the camera finally took the picture.
This looks innocent right?
Wrong! He was taking cups full of water and dumping them on his head.
What a goofball!
Today we biffed it but Vance was very tough.

More smiles

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!! Gorgeous colors.
Gorgeous flowers!
I love these trees.
Kael at the park
Vance and Ian playing on the rocket ship at the park.
After bath time Vance was asked to go in his room and get a diaper for bedtime. Well after about 5 minutes and no Vance Curtis when to check and this is what he found.
He loves this mobil still and wants to touch it all the time. Yes those are devils but it is because of ASU Sun Devils not because we worship them or anything.
Lets go fly a kite!
Not so happy face
Happy face.


My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was wonderful. I got a wonderful breakfast from my sweet husband and lots of loves and kisses from my sweet boys. I also was surprised with these beautiful flowers that Curtis got for me. These are the best kind because they won't die right away. I love them. We had a great day at church and got to relax at home afterwards. Curtis had a great thought to go down to the lake and let Vance throw some rocks in. It was so much fun we almost didn't want to leave but we knew there was a banana cream pie waiting for us. Yes that is right Curtis made me a banana cream pie! It was so good. I have the best husband and sons any woman could ask for. Thanks boys.
Aren't they beautiful! And check out the view behind it, nice.

What a place!
Oh my that is a rock!

Me and my Kael cacoon.
Vance throwing sticks into the lake.

Here are the little rocks.
That's a good one dad!

Arc Carnival

Our ward does an annual carnival for the Arc in our community. It has been so fun for the last two years that we have been able to be involved. This year was really fun because Vance really got into playing the games and getting his tickets. Here are some pictures of him playing all the games.
Here he is playing golf. He kept swinging and swinging and finally.......
this is what ended up happening.

He really like this one. Bowling is a really fun game.
Pick a duck.
This one was one of his favorites. He kept telling me "I want to go fishing mommy!" So this is the one we came back to.
Throwing the balls in the bucket. He did pretty good without dropping them in over the top of each bucket.
He said "Look a snowman." Such a cute guy.

He was very particular about how he wanted to "toss" the rings on this one.

He just wanted to dunk this one.

He takes aim and..............
Score!! I am serious he made it from that distance and with his left hand too.
This is the other favorite, another fishing one but this time he got prizes instead of just tickets.
That was Vance pretty much last year, the one in the pool, but this year he stayed out and just played with the bubbles.