Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Grandma Birdno comes to visit

We got to have Grandma Birdno come and visit us a week ago. It was so good to see her and Vance just had a ball. She thinks he is so smart and we would have to agree, sometimes he is a little too smart!! Anyway, we really enjoyed having her here and these are some of the pictures from when she was here. Vance has been saying some really funny  things so I will have to come back and post that another time. Enjoy!

Vance and Grandma playing in the mall.
You can't catch me!
Ha you missed me again.
Vance trying on Grandma's glasses. He just looks so smart.
Vance playing photographer. Pretty good aim.
I don't know where his pants went but he is having a blast playing cowboys and horses with Grandma.
Janette and I were talking and we hear Vance saying "Owe" and when we saw him this is what we found. He had a peppermint and he was eating it and somehow got it stuck in his hair. What a goof.
Another peppermint pic
Grandma and Vance making chocolate chip cookies for Daddy.
Playing with the beater and eating a starburst.
OOOOO Butter.
Vance copying Grandma scooping the cookies onto the pan. 
Reaching in the bowl.
He was pretty good at this.
Note the dirty sleeves. He had a blast. Thank you Grandma!
Looking out longingly at the cold day outside. It was so nice the week before and when she came it snowed and was really cold. Go figure. Welcome to Iowa I guess.
Kael getting his exercise on the yoga ball.
Eating a Gogurt, again no pants! Who knows.
Cute boy.
Look at that face
Bath time with daddy and Foam soap.
Just a cute picture of Kael in his little outfit.
What a doll!
I was making dinner last night and when I turned around I couldn't see Kael for the lobster Vance decided he needed to have to comfort him.

Such a great big brother. Always thinking of ways to help Kael.

Vance was pretending to play the Guitar on this brush. I thought it was silly.