Sunday, June 05, 2011


I posted four new posts for everyone to enjoy! Sorry it has taken so long to get them on here. Enjoy!


Just some fun pictures of the boys.
You want me to what? Smile? HA!
All bundled up for the soccer game.
It's pretty bright out here.
Like my hat? I do!
Dad you are in my way. I want that, whatever it is.
Vance wrestling with Daddy
Sweet Kael!
Finally a smile!
Mommy and Kael
Mommy and Vance
Who gave you licorice? Oh that's right, DADDY!!
Making a mess in the play room. So fun.
Sweet smile!
Merek with his tongue out. One of his favorite things to do.
Our little monkey!


This weekend was free fishing weekend here in Colorado and we took the boys. They gave away free fishing poles at Quail lake so of course we had to go and get some for the kiddos. Vance was very impatient about wanting to catch a fish but of course it wouldn't happen as quickly as he wanted. Merek had to be put in the play pen to keep from eating the sand and rocks. He got a good mouthful before we could put him in. Kael fished for about a minute before he walked straight into the lake so we took off his shoes and let him play. He had a blast walking up and down the beach hitting his pole on the water. I was ready to give up and move to a different spot when I started to reel in my line and a fish pulled against it. I don't know how long he was on my line before I pulled him in but it was our only catch of the day. We tried to get Vance to reel him in but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Silly kid. It was a pretty good size fish and it just made out trip. We had a great day fishing and are excited to do it again.

Vance is all ready to go. Bring on the fish!

The little guys.
Look at that face. So happy to be here.
I am going in.
Playing in the water.
Kael and his pole
The view! Isn't it amazing?
Mommy and Merek in the shade.
Mommy's fish!
Daddy trying to get it off the line.
Ick I had to hold it for the picture. It has been many years since I held a fish and it wasn't very fun I can tell you that!!
Another view!

Our Project

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to take on a project: Re-paint the main floor. Oh boy was it a lot. We worked late every night but I am so happy with the way it turned out. We will start with the before, and these are the very first pictures of the house right when we bought it, and then the way it looks now. What do you think?

Looking into the Dining room
The kitchen, oh the border!!
The living room.
The new Dining room
The tan on the wall is very subtle but it is there.
The three colors up against each other.
The kitchen

The living room

Hope you all like it!! LIE if you don't!


This was Vances second year of soccer. He really enjoyed himself this time around. His coach was really great with the kids and he actually learned some really useful things. It was still really cold out so he spent most of his games bundled up. I think we will try fall soccer from here on out. The best part for Vance was getting his trophy. He is so proud of it.

So serious.
Smile Vance!
Look at that motion shot! So great!

Coach John giving him his trophy.
Now we get a smile, sort of!