Thursday, April 08, 2010

What is it?

So I am sure you have all been dying to know what we are having and today we finally found out. After 21 weeks of waiting and praying we found out today that we are having a boy! That is right boy numero tres! I can't believe we are going to have three sons! Crazy the way life goes. So for all of you out there that were hoping for a girl sorry but not this one. We are really excited for this little one to come. Although Vance is a little heartbroken that he won't get a baby sister but he will be happy when he has another little buddy to play with. All is going well. The baby and I are both strong and healthy. Moving right along! Our due date is August 16th, yikes for a summer baby! Anyway that is our good news.

On a side note, however just as important as the above, Kael starting walking yesterday. I mean really walking. He has been kind of debating whether or not to let us see him for several weeks now and yesterday he just went. A video will soon follow this post but I thought I would post it anyway so I wouldn't forget this momentous occasion. Love you all!