Sunday, November 29, 2009


It has been a crazy couple of weeks since we last posted on here but we are now in Colorado Springs and absolutely love it. We are so glad to have had Curtis to help set things up before he had to start work and I don't know what the boys will do when Daddy is not around. We have been truly blessed to have him at home with us for a few months. We will never have a time like this again and we are cherishing them let me tell you. We did spend Thanksgiving here on our own and just enjoyed the view of the mountains and the time at home. Our sweet boys are our two greatest blessings and are so grateful to have them and their sweet spirits in our home. Vance was so excited to come to Colorado and has been such a helps since being here. He is growing so fast and learning so much. He loves his little brother and plays with him so well. Kael is also growing quickly. He is now 9 months old and just got his first tooth on the day before Thanksgiving. He will follow Vance around the house all day. He loves to laugh at the things that he does. What sweet boys we have. Our internet goes in and out so I will have to try another day to put pictures on here. I will hopefully be able to post them soon.