Thursday, July 03, 2008

Swimming lessons

Vance started swimming lessons last week and he loved them.  I knew after our trip to Arizona that he would do really well.  He is getting more brave with every lesson.  He loves to walk around and squat in the little pool so that the water comes up to his chin and bounce up and down.  He is really good at kicking as well.  His favorite activity would probably have to be jumping from the side of the pool into my, or daddy's, arms.  It is a really fun thing to be with him and I am so glad that we chose to do them this year instead of waiting.  Now everyday he comes up to me and says " Po poo?"  It took me a little while to really figure out that he was saying swimming pool and not the other thing.  The worst part about swim lessons is leaving the pool at the end.  He screams the whole way home and is grumpy the rest of the night.  But it is worth it I think because he loves it.

Vance throwing a ball.
He tried to catch it but it fell and splashed him. So much fun!!
Silly boy!
This is him squating down.  Pretty funny huh?
Another squat.
On the noodle when he put his face in the water.
He loved this exercise.
He really wanted to just kick and swim around when he was in the noodle.
And here he is climbing out of the pool, yes he did succeed, so he could jump into my arms.
Swimming on his back.  We are still working on it.
Pushing the ball around to get to know the other kids in class.
It is kind of dark but I think you can see us in the middle when he is jumping off.
Daddy's day for the lesson.
Just chilling.
Kicking his way around in the big pool.