Thursday, January 06, 2011

The boys

The boys are just growing so fast and I wanted to put on here some of the things they have been up to.

  • Learning his numbers
  • Coloring very meticulously
  • Playing with Kael
  • He loves holding Merek
  • Doing anything with Daddy
  • Playing on his Leapster 2
  • Pretending to be a super hero
  • Coming up with new adventures
  • Learning to play new games like SORRY, Guess Who, and Qwirkle
  • Always saying something clever
  • Being a huge helper to mommy

  • Singing his ABC's
  • Playing with Vance
  • Coloring on whatever he can find
  • Doing whatever Vance does
  • New sayings like "No not you!", "Yes food", "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, Down pees!"
  • Finding new places to explore
  • Wearing everyones clothes around the house
  • Kissing and playing with Merek
  • Ate his first rice cereal on Christmas day
  • Hearing his voice by cooing, laughing, and chatting
  • Sucking his thumb on occasion
  • Playing in his Excersaucer
  • Tummy time
  • Chewing on anything he can
  • Trying to grab everyones food
  • Tickle bug

Thanksgiving to Christmas

I have a lot of catching up to do so I will start from Thanksgiving. We went to Oklahoma and spent Thanksgiving with my family there. It was so much fun getting to see them all. We were able to get Family pictures while we were all there and I can't wait to see how those turned out. We also had my nephew Gentry's baby blessing. I can't say how grateful I am for my family and all that they do for me. I love them all so much and miss them everyday. We were able to go to the Science museum with the McAdams' clan and it was really a great time. Vance was just fascinated by so much. After we came back life went on as usual until we got the news that my Great Grandma Gay had passed away at the age of 1o2. She was an amazing woman and I truly enjoyed being able to help my mom with her life sketch because I learned so many wonderful things about her that I wouldn't have known otherwise. We went back to Arizona for the funeral the week before Christmas and spent some time with both our families while there. Grandma and Grandpa Birdno were so kind to let all my family that could stay there in their home. It was great to have them near to my so thanks Mom and Dad. The boys got to open their presents from the Birdno grandparents and we headed back to Colorado to start our Christmas.

The boys on family picture day. Kael's hair is crazy but what can you do now.

On black friday we went to the store at about 11 am and Kael was so tuckered out that he crashed in the back of the cart. People thought we had dragged him out of bed super early for all the specials that day. So precious.

Opening our family gifts with my family. Aunt Ella, Emarie, Isaac, Darron, Aunt Alethia, and Alyse.

Aunt Nana
Uncle RJ and Aunt Ashley
Aunt Holly and Kelsie
Mimi and Papa
You can see Uncle Sam and Olivia in this one too. Vance got a cool set of Toy Story 3 games.
At the science museum the kids had a ball at this thing.

The dropping balls
Making paper cups fly
Merek chillin as usual
Cute little Liv!
Vance on a Segway, not as easy as it looks.
Vance and Emarie in a space shuttle.
Aunt Ella and Curtis enjoying the puzzles/brain teasers.
The water table
Sweet girls, they just loved Merek to pieces!
On Santa's lap telling him what they wanted for Christmas.
Daddy helping Kael make his gingerbread house.
Vance and Grandma Birdno making his house.
Sweet smile dad!
I saw that sneak!
So much fun.
There goes another one!

What this isn't mine?
No it is mine!
Chucky truck!

Christmas was so much fun this year. We enjoyed a quiet time at home with the boys. Vance was so excited about Christmas this year which made all of us more excited about it. We are truly blessed to have our sweet boys and enjoyed every minute we could spend with them. We played games and ate fun foods and watched great shows all day every day! It was definitely a Christmas to remember. Vance just kept saying all day "This is the best Christmas ever!" After Christmas we had my sister Ella and her family stay with us for a couple days and it was a lot of fun. All the kids had a ball together and Vance can't stop talking about his cousins. I forgot our Camera in Arizona after my Great Grandma's funeral so we only have video of Christmas. It is a little long but hope you enjoy it.