Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 100th Post and What a Post it Is!

So I actually get to post something and Crystal doesn't get to take all of the fun. j/k Like I have much time to post anyway. Well it has been a very eventful and fun weekend.
First it was our 5th Anniversary on Friday. We had a great day. We took Vance to the pet store, but this isn't any pet store, at this pet store you get to play with everything. We had a ball playing with rabbits, guinne pigs, and hamsters. Vance did not however enjoy the birds at all. They have several large birds that you can hold. We put one on Vance's arm and he was okay for a minute until the bird moved and then he got scared and shook the bird off wildly. From that point on he kept a weary eye to the birds. We also had a great ward activity with salsa dancing and dessert. We were taught the chacha which I'll have to say I am very impressive at. NOT! It was a great day.
On Saturday it was Valentine's Day and we got to spend all day together. I also recieved a call from an orthopedic office in town that is hiring and they want to have an interview. Exciting! We had a great day topped off with cheese fondue by dimlight watching Lord of the Rings. So romantical.
Well to top things off Crystal woke me up at about 11:30 because her water had broke. We are at the hospital as I type and we are awaiting the arrival of our second Son. Whatever his name may be. Thank you Jared for coming and watching Vance!