Monday, April 25, 2011


Our Easter was so much fun this year. Every holiday just gets more are more enjoyable as Vance understands more. He is always so excited about every little thing and makes it so fun for his brothers. We were visited by the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning and he was very generous to our boys. They were so excited about all the chocolate, not to mention the bubbles!! We enjoyed a fun morning of dying eggs and then going to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. They had one for each age group and it was so cute. Then we went and had a fun family lunch together which is always fun. In the afternoon we went to Vances first Soccer game of the season and endured the cold, wind, and eventually the snow. It was a crazy weather day but Vance did great and scored three goals. Way to go buddy. Afterward we enjoyed dinner and then we all fell asleep pretty early because it was a very busy day. On Sunday we had a yummy family breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Crystal wasn't feeling well so the boys made toast and cut it into hearts for her to eat. They are so amazing. We had a great time at church and Vance came home telling us all about Jesus and how he died so that we can live forever. He is a sponge absorbing every piece of information that he can. So smart. That night we had a great steak dinner, that was Curtis' choice, and had a treat afterward. We had a great Easter and we hope that you all did too.

Vance coming down on Saturday morning looking for his easter basket.
(Sorry so fuzzy)Kael looking at me and I am sure thinking "What do you want me to do?"
Oh lets run around.
Kael-"Look there is something in this football" Vance-"Nope nothing under here!"
Kael dug right in. He grabbed the first thing he could and opened it up without looking at anything else in his basket. Vance however had to look at every single thing before he chose a candy.
See it! It is yummy.
"I can use this as a light saver!" Yes that is what he said.
Dying eggs, I only got a picture right at the end but there they are.
Vance enjoying washing his dyed hands.
The Easter Bunny's. Kael was not too sure about them.
Kael waiting for his Easter egg hunt to start. You can see Vance in the window behind him.
Here he is up close.
What do you want me to do again?
Oh yes put the eggs in my basket.
Doing good.
Phew that was tough.
Yes it is my turn.
Vance looking for eggs.
Run Vance run!
He ran past so many eggs because he only wanted to get the pink ones and then he just started grabbing any eggs. So cute!

The Brodericks Come to Town!

A few weeks ago the Broderick Family came to Colorado. It was so much fun to see them. Unfortunately the weather was cold and windy so we didn't get to do many things out and about but that ended up being the best thing. We really enjoyed just chilling and spending time with each other. The kids couldn't get enough of each other. Our sweet little babies were just going all over the place. I think Darron had a good time even though the Wii wasn't working and that is what he told his mom he was looking forward to most of all. So honest! We hope that they can come back again soon and that we will actually be able to go outside next time. Love you guys!

Darron and Ari playing with the Aircraft carrier (I am telling you a toy for all ages! Thanks Taryn.)
Sweet Ari
Gentry bug looking for whatever he can.
Joe and Alethia trying to help us figure out these tablet things from Mom and Dad Birdno. Fun times.
Kael enjoying the Bumbo. He actually got stuck and stood up with it stuck on his bum! So cute.
Alyse... Need I say more!
Oh that face. The weather made his nose a little red.
So sweet.
Darron showing us his magic towel.


We went to Oklahoma for Darrons baptism and while there we threw a surprise party for Alethia. It was all so much fun I can't wait to use some of those amazing ideas for my family activities in the future.

Alethia's face when she walked in.
The decor!
Don't you love it?
So amazing, Ella you are a genius!!
Yes I got up on a ladder and taped each one of those Lanterns up on the ceiling. I was scared to death but I did it!
The fans.

Darron's birthday cake that Alethia and my mom made. Isn't it amazing!! So much detail this doesn't even do it justice.
Happy birthday Darron. What a great day it was. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

Family Fun

Our St. Patrick's Day dinner was green alfredo with asparagus. YUM!

What is there to say but "PRECIOUS!" Gotta love the Fo-hawk.
Kael showing us his Ipod skills.
Family bowling. The first game Crystal won but the second game... well you will see. This was the stance that Vance took after each shot. Hands on the hips.
Throw that ball boy.
Kael trying to roll his ball.
Vance and his granny throw.
Curtis and his mad skills.
See that score... yes that is Vance beating both of us 72-43-42.
And the final score. Vance wins!
Vance loves his Merek. So sweet.
Kael stepped away from his lunch and Merek took full advantage. He grabbed that meat and went for it. Kael doesn't look too concerned does he. Don't worry I took it away right after I took the picture.