Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Curtis

Today is my sweethearts birthday. He spent the whole day working on the surgery floor and didn't get home until 9:20. I have such an amazing husband. He obviously is very hard working and dedicated to what he is doing. That goes for everything in his life not just his schooling. He loves our son and boy does Vance love him. He was so excited today to sing "Happy Birthday" to daddy even though it was only on the phone. Curtis has sacrificed so much to go to school and create a secure future for our family and I am so grateful to him for that. I love him more than words can say. He is loving, kind, funny, generous, faithful, dedicated, strong, brave, supportive, sensitive, and always so sweet to me. He loves, not only our family, but people and I know that he will be a great Physicians Assistant. Curtis I love you sweetheart and hope that even though you were in surgery all day that you had a great birthday. I am so blessed because you were brought into this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!