Monday, April 27, 2009

What a miracle

Do you ever have one of those days that you are so grateful that you have two healthy happy babies? Today I am having one of those emotional days. Last night we were watching The Work and the Glory #2 and there was a part that showed when Joseph was holding his baby boy and then a mob came to take him and tar and feather him and then the next morning it shows Emma holding her baby and Joseph and Lucy realized that the baby had passed away and Emma just breaks down into tears as they take away her baby. I can't help but just cry and look at my sweet baby sleeping in his swing and be so grateful that he is alive and healthy. Having him a little over 4 weeks early was the scariest thing in the whole world. You never know what is going to happen when you have your baby. Are they going to be healthy? If not can you handle what ever may come? We were so blessed that Kael was so healthy and strong. He came out fitting to be close to us. I know this is random but that moment in that movie really pressed upon my heart how blessed I have been to be able to carry my two sweet boys in my body while they grew and then they came down to this earth and were whole. I know of several friends that have lost their babies when they were first born and my heart aches for the pain and loss that they must feel everyday of their lives. Every moment that I get so angry at Vance because he threw something across the room, or that I am frustrated and tired with Kael when he won't go to sleep at night I feel awful thinking that these mothers won't even have the chance to hold them and give them kisses, something I think I take for granted sometimes. Even just know when Vance broke the remote control and I got upset at him, what is my problem? Why can't I just love him and not get mad at him? Just be thankful that he is here and that he is mine? Why? I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose a baby. What faith they must have to be able to get past their grief enough to see the bigger picture: that we will be able to see our lose loved ones again in heaven. I would hope that if I ever had to deal with this type of loss that I would be able to turn to my Father in Heaven and thank him for the time that I was given and for taking my sweet baby into his arms and watching over him until I can see him again. I don't know why the Lord chose to give me my sweet angels and to take others from someone else but I do know that I will cherish every moment that I can. Every new discovery, every sweet smile, every tear, every kiss, every moment of silent peace at nap time when I can just look at them and love them. I am so blessed to have Vance and Kael in my life and I hope that they will always know what a miracle they each are to me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A little late but....

So I know this is a little late but since I consider this kind of our family blog I wanted to post our story about having Kael. What a whirlwind it was. Saturday February 14th started out like any other day, wake up, make breakfast, play with my boys, etc. We enjoyed a lovely romantic dinner of fondue and a nice quiet romantic movie? No it was The Lord of the Rings Return of the King. We went to bed at about 10PM and I was feeling fine. No pains or anything. I woke up at 11pm thinking I needed to go to the bathroom when all of the sudden gush! I wasn't sure what was going on because I was only 36 weeks and I wasn't having any pains so I couldn't be in labor right? Wrong! After about 5 minutes of thinking about it I called to Curtis and said my water had broken. We were both in a little bit of a shock. I wasn't ready for this, the baby's clothes weren't washed, the car seat was still down in the garage, the bed wasn't made, I didn't have a bag packed yet or anything. We called my mom to tell her we thought my water broke so she could be prepared to leave Kentucky just in case. I called L&D and they said to come in. Thankfully our friend Jared was able to come and watch Vance for us so we left for the Hospital, this whole time I am in total shock. I am going over a list of things I didn't get done and Curtis is trying to calm me down. We arrive a little after midnight and get set up in our room. No contractions, not really dilated, baby hasn't dropped so naturally Pit is the answer. Oh great here we go. It took about 3 hours for the contractions to start and there was no progress really at all. Finally at 10am after no progress I decided to get the epidural because the contractions were getting really close together and I didn't want it to become an issue like it was with Vance. I got it put in at about noon and then life was good. I think I slept a little but not much. At about 3pm I started feeling some contractions again so I pushed the little button for more meds. Life was good until about 5pm when the contractions started coming back really strong and the epidural wasn't working. After receiving a bolus of the epidural meds I was still feeling the contractions really strongly. I was really emotional, obviously, and poor little Vance was getting really worried about his mommy. I tried to explain that I was okay but it was really hard to stay calm. At probably 7:15 I asked for the nurse to get the doctor so that they could check to see how I was doing. When the doctor came in and checked we were ready to go. We waited until Dr. Hunter got in, in his Sunday clothes just back from a High Council trip out of town, and then we started to push. This was at about 7:40 and Kael was born at 7:45. Once I was on my back the contractions were so much easier to deal with and it was easy to push him out. He was 2 pounds smaller than Vance so it seemed really easy. He was having problems breathing so they whisked him away after I held him for about 30 seconds. He was in the NICU and doing okay but they kept him overnight to observe him. He has just done great ever since. So there it is, more for me than anyone else but I finally got around to posting it. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2 Month Stats and a trip to Nauvoo

Well Keal is changing more and more everyday. He is such a joy to have in our home. He is now 9 weeks old, oh my word! The time has flown by and I am trying to enjoy every moment I can. We had his 2 month appointment on Friday and his stats are as follows:
Weight: 11lbs 13 1/2oz
Height: 24"
Head: 15 1/2in
Things I can do: smile, turn my head from side to side to follow a sound, coo, respond to my families voices, hold my head up for several moments at a time.

These are pictures that I was taking to try and catch him as he is smiling but I didn't really get a great one but they sure are cute.

Just a great shot of his handsome face.
Oh that one is pretty close.
A smile in the eyes.
He is smiling but crossing his eyes.
A little grin for the ladies.

On Wednesday it was a beautiful day, actually the first warm sunny day we have had in a long time and we decided to go to the park for the first time this year. Vance had a ball and can't wait to go back. Kael wasn't impressed and slept most of the time but at least he was there. Daddy got to come with us because he had a half day and it was so great.
Vance going down the slide.
He doesn't like the swings at all!
So cute
Playing with the digger in the sand.
This was taken right before he let go of them and the scoop swung back and hit him in the forehead. He was upset for a minute and then got distracted by the kids playing and went back at it.
The big slide.
He found this boy with his sand toys and helped himself to them.
Kael's first trip to the park.
I couldn't see him so I walked over and this is what I found! Man he is growing so fast.
Daddy and Vance swinging together.

Our friends Ben and Mary Ann Robbins invited us to go down to Nauvoo and stay overnight at these great condos so we could come to the temple today. So yesterday afternoon we packed up and headed down to Nauvoo. Vance and Sam went exploring all around the back of the condos. They just had a ball and the weather was perfect for them to play outside. Sorry for all the floral pictures but these are the first blooming trees we have seen this season so I thought I would share the beauty with everyone.
The boys playing on the hill
Isn't this a cute picture?
Boys being boys.
This one is kind of hard to see but Vance is the one up on the hill and Sam is running down the front of it.
The amazing flowers blooming on the trees.
A flower up close.
This tree was the only one in that direction to have any color on it.
The yellow blossoms with the gray sky in the background.
The flowers up close.
The boys using sticks to play drums on the trunk of the tree.
So much fun.
The boys best impression of Ceasar.
Kael just before he fell asleep.
Vance at the temple

They view.
Vance getting to touch the temple. He was so excited.
He wanted to go in so bad but knew he couldn't yet. He is such a great guy. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Festivities

We had a great weekend together as a family. On Saturday morning we had our ward Primary Easter Activity and we just had a blast. When we first got there Vance went right over to the craft table where they had pictures of Easter eggs that the kids could paste colored rice onto. I don't have a picture of Vance with his picture because he was super fast and just threw a huge glob of glue and poured rice over it and he was done. Oh well it was cute. After the kids were done with that they recited the Easter story with beautiful pictures of Jesus and some great primary songs. Then there was a Peeps eating contest and Curtis decided to enter for fun, he took 4th place, and Vance decided to help him out. Then of course what would an Easter activity be without an Easter egg hunt! Vance loved it but would only pick up the blue eggs which was so funny. There were a couple kids that didn't get many eggs because they came out late and so Vance, my sweet boy, shared his eggs with them. After the activity we went and had a special picnic lunch as a family by a pond at one of our parks and Vance just loved it. Of course we had to have nap time but afterward we decorated Easter eggs, well I guess I should say Vance decorated Easter eggs and we watched and laughed and took pictures of him. Easter morning was great. We had hidden eggs around the house and Vance had to go and find them. It was a little difficult because now he knew that there was candy in them and wanted to eat it with each egg he got. What a goofy kid. We had a special Stake Conference and we were able to hear President Monson speak to us along with Elder Oaks. We then had some friends over to have a special Philly-cheese steak Easter lunch/dinner and to play some games. It was a blast and we are so thankful for the great friends we have made here. Enjoy the pictures of our weekend and especially the ones of our sweet boys in their matching Easter outfits. Sorry for the long story but since this is kind of our journal I thought I would note all that happened so that I would remember it forever.

Curtis and Vance listening to the instructions.
On your mark, get set.....

Wait for it, wait for it..

And drink.
The end, it was so close but in 4th they came! Rueben in the red shirt has won every eating contest our ward has had in the two years we have been here! It is crazy!
And so the hunt begins
Here's a blue one.
Oh what a sweet picture. He was having a ball.
And there's a blue one.
OH there is a green one, he picked up all the blue ones he could.

This is Spencer one of our best buddies. Such a doll!
Of course we had to do our special "Take the picture ourselves" pose.
Family picture
Dying easter eggs
Oh this is so much fun. Vance called the little egg scoop you use a diamond and kept saying "Here is the diamond"
So cute.
Adorable, 'nough said!
He did a great job on these eggs. This is what they looked like before he decided to put them all back in the dye again and again.
We obviously abandoned the "Diamond" and starting using our hands to get the eggs out of the dye. I know what you moms out there are thinking but even though his hands were dyed we were able to get most of it off by using a secret ingredient that I discovered while doing research on the internet...... Shaving Cream! I promise it works great, note the pictures the next morning of him holding Kael.
The little egg cups.
Dip and dip some more.
He was very gentle with the eggs 
In we go again.
Easter morning after coaxing him to find all the eggs we had hidden he finally got to open one up.
Oh look it is a marshmallow egg!

My sweet boys!! Vance is such a sweet big brother.

Holding up Kael's head.
A picture from a little further out taking in their whole outfits.
Just so cute I couldn't only put one on here.