Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Update

I just thought I would write a quick update of what is going on in our lives. Curtis finished his first rotation in Family Practice last week and has begun his second in Gynecology. Yesterday he was able to assist with a C-section which was a great experience for him. I am so glad that he is getting some good experience with this rotation. Vance is just living his life and loving every minute of it. Yesterday my friend Elsha came over to borrow our dvd player and her son Ian and Vance are good friends so Vance walked up to Ian and said "Nice to meet you" and shook his hand. It was so funny. Ian wasn't sure what to make of it but that is understandable. We moved him into his big boy bed last week and he had a little trouble at first. His new found freedom made him get up 3 or 4 times a night to come into our bedroom and it was just like having a newborn all over again. We weren't prepared for that but now things have settled down a little bit and he doesn't get out of his bed at all during the night but he does wake up at 5AM!!! I don't know which I like less. It is rough but hopefully like before this is just a phase. His favorite new word is "Delicious" when he is eating he says "MMMMM Delicious." He is so cute. Curtis is trying to get him to say "delectable as was the first" like Brian Regan says but he likes delicious better. He has discovered the light switches and is constantly turning on and off the lights. I guess he could be doing worse things so I am thankful that is all he is doing. He is just so fun and most days I am so happy to just spend time with him. I am doing good. Just working twice a week cleaning the institute building. It is nice to have a little extra cash especially with gas prices the way they are. Everything in our life is really good right now and we feel so blessed to be here in Iowa. The Lord has watched over us and blessed us in so many ways since we have come here. Anyway that is our little update.