Thursday, April 09, 2009


So Vance is just the funniest kid ever and always keeps us laughing with the little things that he does and says. I thought I would just put some of these funny sayings on here for all to enjoy. 

Mom looks up and Vance is standing on the step in front of the fireplace and hears him saying this:
Vance: "Ladies and Gentlemen, my jump and fall down," then he jumps off, rolls over and stands up to say "Tadah!" What a silly guy.

Sometimes when I am getting him dressed and he is a little distracted I will tell him "Focus buddy." Well the other day he was walking up and down Curtis' back on the floor and we heard him saying "Focus, focus" so that he wouldn't fall down.

Mommy: "Vance do you need to go potty," noting that he is doing a little dance.
Vance: "Okay mommy, you come too?"
Mommy: "No buddy you can go by yourself."
Vance: " Oh okay you stay here, my go."

Vance: "Mommy got a present a you," with hands behind his back "Happy birthday to you,  happy birthday a mommy, happy birthday to you." and hands me whatever toy he has in his hand. Such a sweet boy.

Sometimes when I am holding Kael and Vance climbs up into my lap I will say "Ah my boys!" and give them hugs. Well Vance will see that I have Kael now and come up to me and hug us both saying "Ah my boys!" as well. 

Vance: "My do magic, which hand mommy?" he has something in both hands.
Mommy: "HHMMMM this one."
Vance: "You did it!"

Vance is very observant and notices everything we do. When Vance was a baby and he would cry we would use the happiest baby on the block techniques with the Ssshhhhhing and the swaddling and such. Well he will hear Kael crying and say "Tael is crying mommy," then he will go up to him and start saying "Shhhhhhhhh!" to help calm him down.

Vance: "Oh look at baby Tael he is so tute!" Kael will yawn and he will say "Oh look he is tired," then start talking to Kael in the baby voice that we all use and say "Oh baby tickle tickle!" Silly silly.

Vance: "Mommy, be horsey?"
Mom: "You want be to be a horse?"
Vance: "Yes ride 'em cowboy!"

Mom: "Okay buddy it is time for bed"
Vance: "Oh no mommy your my best friend" then he gives me big hugs.
Mom: "I know but you still have to go to bed"
Vance: "Oh otay." Like hugging me and saying I am his best friend will change the fact that it is bed time. This isn't good he is already trying to manipulate us.

Well those are just some of the things I can think of right now. For those of you who have talked to Vance can totally picture his facial expressions and tones in his voice as he says these things. What a Ham!!