Thursday, May 22, 2008

The time, where does it go?

So this is going to be our last post for a while since we will be going to AZ for our vacation. I just wanted to say how proud I am of my baby Curtis. He finished his first year of PA school and we only have one more to go so that means we are half done for those of you who don't want to do the math. Anyway, this year has been full of ups and downs and through it all we have grown closer as a family. Curtis is such a hard worker and I know that he is going to be a great PA because he just has that way with people that makes them feel comfortable around him. He also has a sensitivity that is necessary when doing anything in the medical field. I am just so proud of him. So Vance is loving being around daddy more and more each day. He is constantly asking for him all day long. I think this is the funnest time for Curtis because when Vance was little it was all about mommy and now it is all about daddy. I knew it was only a matter of time but I think it is well worth it. It was so cute last night we went to a baseball game and Curtis was so excited to get Vance his first baseball, it didn't happen but it was still cute to see that excitement in him. He is like a kid again. Vance is growing more and more everyday. And, believe it or not, he is really getting to be a blonde boy. It just seems like his hair is getting lighter everyday. He is so smart. He can count to three, he knows what circles, diamonds, hearts, and triangles are, he loves to play with his ABC magnets and will sing the ABC song with them, it seems like he learns a new word or phrase everyday and loves to copy what ever mom says. My favorite phrase is "You made a mess!" he says "My ma messssss!" it is so cute. He now knows how to put his train tracks together and loves to build things with his legos. Books, books, and more books that is my life during the day but I don't mind it is great to see his enthusiasm for learning. Now that the weather has gotten better he loves to fly his kite and draw on the side walk with his chalk, another favorite word, and he really just loves being outside and like any boy enjoys throwing rocks and sticks whenever possible. He is just growing so fast. Well I guess that is enough chit chat on to the pictures.

I don't know how I get so lucky as to have these cute little kodak moments with my boys but this is precious.
Vance loves slides he just says wheeeeee the whole time.
His first go down the big slide and he loved it.
He climbed up there all by himself and just kept going down.
This is at a carnival our ward had and Vance loved the bubble station.
That is him under the balloon hat. One of the brothers in our ward gave it to him. Thanks Jared.
He was good at the ring toss because this is what he did. Sis. Anderson thought it was so cute.
Again with the walking up and putting it right in.
This time he actually stood back and threw the ball. He did get it in. Good throw baby!!
Our first/last snow cone. Just kidding he can have more but this one sure made a huge mess. But how can you get angry about a stain with a face like that.
These are just some pictures of Spring finally coming to Iowa. This is on our drive home from church. All the trees just blossomed these beautiful purple, pink, and white flowers before they turned to leaves. It has been gorgeous around here. We do have a video but I can't figure out how to get it off our camera so Curtis will have to do that.

This one is in front of our apartment. It is so pretty. We have loved it here in every season we have been here. The lord is amazing in that he created such beautiful things for us to enjoy. What a blessing it is to be able to see the beautiful colors, smell the wonderful scents, taste the delicious fruits and vegetables, touch the soft grass, and here the birds returning to there nests. We are so blessed.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So with it being Mother's day and all I thought it only fitting that I post a little something about my mom, and the other amazing mothers in my life.  My mom is one of the most amazing women that I know.  She has always tried so hard to encourage us kids to follow our passions in life.  She helped us to develop our talents and gave us every opportunity to grow spiritually, and mentally.  She is always willing to do anything for us at anytime and I am so thankful for that.  I know that it can't be easy being away from her grand-babies but she has always encouraged us to go out and do what is best for our family and told us that no matter  where we go she will always come to us when we needed her.  I know for me personally she has helped me so much in the last 2 years to become a better mom.  When Vance was in the hospital a while back she was willing to drop everything she was doing to come up and help us out.  She helped to calm me down and be strong for my baby.  She has gone through so much with her own kids and so I know that she has a vast pool of knowledge that I can pull from anytime I need to.  I know that she has blessed many lives with her willingness to serve the lord.  I am so thankful to have her in my life and for the support that she has given me and Curtis in our life choices. Thanks mom WE LOVE YOU!!!!  My mother-in-law Janette is another amazing woman.  She is always there to support us when we need it.  She is so encouraging and praising that sometimes I don't feel like I deserve it.  She is just so giving and kind.  I know that everyone that knows her is truly blessed because of it.  She is a great friend to me and Curtis and I am so glad that I feel like I have that relationship with her.  She never hesitates to give us any sort of help or advice that we need or to just listen if we need someone to listen.  Thank you mom WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!!  Then there are all our amazing sisters.  Some of them may not be mothers yet but they all give me so much that helps me to become a better mother and wife.  It is an amazing blessing to have grown up with such strong women.  They all strive to better themselves and in doing so they better everyone around them.  They are so selfless and willing to serve whenever someone may need it.  There are no better examples that I could ask for in my life then all of you.  Thank you so much Ella, Breann, Alethia, Holly, Michelle, Cami, Amie, and Ashley.  I know that I am a better person because I have been blessed to know you all.  I love you.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring is finally here... Sort of!!

Vance was falling asleep in the car but he couldn't stop chewing his pretzels.
He had just put a new pretzel in his mouth, I just missed it sticking out. Still so cute!!
Our fun day at the park. Vance was enjoying the chipmunk and was really trying hard to get it to rock.
Vance and all his cuteness on the swing.
"You want me to do what?"
"Okay!" WEEEEEEEEEE all the way down.
Our family on the bridge over the Iowa River.
These boys are so cute you are pretty much distracted from how high the water is in the background.
Let's go fly a kite!! This is one of Vance's new favorite things to do and of course we have had plenty of wind.
Vance flying his new Turtle kite all by himself.
"See mom!!!"
Then he got bored and decided to come and throw rocks.
He found a stick and threw it too.
So much force behind the throw he was struggling to keep his balance.
If this isn't a picture perfect moment I don't know what is. SO CUTE!!!!