Thursday, May 27, 2010

All the great things in life

So I know I am a total slacker but here I am now updating our blog. Hang in there because there have been many adventures. Our yard was a little out of control when we bought our house so we have been working hard to tame it and make it presentable. Every weekend that we have had good weather we have been our slaving away and the reward is amazing. It feels great working toward making our house look beautiful. We love it. We recently took a family trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and just had a ball. It is an amazing zoo that is nestled up right in the mountain. The views are amazing and it was a great work out because it is almost all going up the hill. So fun. As many of you know Vance was in soccer this spring and just had a ball. He finished up his season last weekend and they got a medal. He is so proud of his medal and is excited to hang it up in his room. Kael loved to get down on the field and kick the ball around. I wish I would have gotten some video of it because he was really good. Coach Leu was impressed with his skills as were we. But he really enjoyed watching all the kids running back and forth kicking the ball. Vance enjoyed kicking goals but he really like being the goalie. He was really good at it too. I think he only let in two goals the whole season. He is a doll and we really enjoyed watching him play. He is already excited about the next sport he gets to play. The boys are growing so fast and are just so fun all the time. Kael thinks he is a big boy and loves to get in and play with Vance and his big friends whenever they will let him. He will talk when it suits him and that is how it goes with him. He adores his daddy and wants to run to him everyday when he gets home from work. Vance loves his little brother and is excited for the new baby to come. Vance has been coming up with some of the funniest things lately. He is hilarious. Here are some of the most recent sayings:

M: Vance you are crazy!
V: Mommy that is a fact.

V: Mommy I have a name for the baby.
M: Oh what?
V: Simon, like on the chipmunks. I am Alvin, Kael is Theodore, and the baby can be Simon.

One day we were driving to church and we are listening to our Josh Groban cd and I hear "You're still you, after all, you're still you." he was singing along with the song.
Then last week we were listening again because it keeps the boys calm in the car and an italian song comes on and Vance starts singing along in italian! It wasn't super clear but he was trying and it was great!

For those of you that know me and my family you know that we are music and musical junkies. We enjoy a good movie with good music and one of those movies is "That Thing You Do." Well one day Curtis and I were talking in the van and we hear in the back seat from Vance "A man in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!" Now remember Vance has never seen this movie but that is just one of the most classic lines from the movie and apparently we have been saying it and he picked it up and said it. What a crack up.

Some good friend of ours Kristen and Mckay invited us to join them in an FHE activity at the local traveling carnival. Vance was so excited about the rides but not so much for the play zones they had there. There is a picture below of him climbing up a chain bridge but before he went across he looked up very seriously at Kristen and said "Are you sure this is safe?" He was worried about his safety on there but would ride any ride there with no hesitation. What a punk.

V: Mommy you are a neat lady.
M: Thank you sweet boy.

There are many more I am sure but I am drawing a blank of course so if I remember then I will post them. Here is the real reason you check out our blog PICTURES! Enjoy.

Here I am at 27 weeks, CRAZY! Baby boy is doing great.
So this is a shot of our flower bed before we started working on it. Not such a great photo but it is what we have.

This was the tree that was out of control in the front yard so it was where the big brown spot in the next pictures is.
Our new flower bed
View without the tree there.

Another view of where the tree was and the flower beds.
Ready to go to the zoo.
The giraffes were so close.
Looking cool.
The Lions
A monkey of some sort
A moose. I don't think I had seen one before. Vance said he was a baby because his antlers were so small
A porcupine in a tree. It was so funny to see it in the tree.
The mountain lion
So you see the great big bears in the back of the picture and what do you think Vance was looking at? The fish in the water. WHAT!
Kael was such a trooper. No nap but enjoyed himself all the same.
A bald eagle
Some places you have to either climb the stairs or take an elevator to go to the next animal so here we are in the elevator because of the wagon.
Kael getting a drink.
One of the views we had.
Spring is finally here.
I don't know if you can tell but there is a cheetah in there.
Kale eating his ham. It looks like he has one of those lip holes. SO CUTE.
Vance and his look.
A walabee
One of the peacocks that are wandering around the zoo. It was up in a pine tree for about 20 minutes calling around. It makes a really funny sound. I didn't know peacocks could fly so it was funny to see it in the tree.
Some sort of cool castle that is up above the zoo on the mountain.

A view of one of the trails you can see that we really are on the side of the mountain.
Vance left the zoo with only one animal on his mind. The Hippos. He said they were his best friends. So silly.
He made fun of me because it didn't go and see the hippos because their home smelled like stinky fish and I just couldn't handle it.
After we left this is what happened. The zoo was great and the boys were worn out afterwards.
Vances soccer picture.
SO cute.
Kicking the ball.
Kael watching brother go for the goal
His goalie stance.
Watching that ball really closely.

We had several games on days when it was freezing outside but we bundled up and enjoyed it just the same.

Vance and his team talking to Coach Leu.
During the game sometimes he would get distracted and just stand and watch what was happening.
Getting his medal
Making out with all kinds of lute!
Sharing a drink with his brother. So sweet.
I am a big boy too.
Mmmmmm refreshing.
On the Carousel. Kael is not so sure about it once it starts to move.
Vance and his buddies Christian and Lincoln on the train.
The play zone that he wasn't too sure about.
Climbing the rope ladder.
The dreaded bridge that he made sure was safe.
The slide at the end.
He really enjoyed the boats and ringing the bell.
Mckay, Lincoln, and Christian on a big boat ride.
Vance enjoying himself on the big boat.

Coming out of the Monkey house and not really liking the tumbler. Daring in some things and not in others.