Monday, October 20, 2008

And the survey says.....

IT IS A BOY!!!!!

We are so excited to be having another boy. Vance kept saying "Boy mommy Boy!!" all the way into the doctors office. I said I will try buddy and in the end it was a boy. We are the first ones to have a boy for the first and second so that is always fun!! Breaking the mold! I think that my dad is excited to be making things a little more even after all those years of all of us girls. The baby looks perfect so we are so grateful to our Heavenly Father that everything is going so well. We will keep you updated as we progress. And no we don't have a name for sure yet but we are working on it. 

Home again!!!

So thank you to everyone for all your support during this hard time in our lives. We especially want to thank Alethia, Joe, Ella, Sam, Mom, and Dad for letting us stay with you while Curtis was away. You all made it so much easier and I am so thankful for everything you did and do for us. We love you so much!!! We are so glad to be home with Curtis again. The boys are already having a blast together. Vance couldn't wait to set up his train with daddy and play with it for hours. It was so cute, when we got home Vance got out and ran to Curtis to give him a hug and then just cuddled with him for a while. He missed his daddy even if he wouldn't talk to him on the phone. What can I say Curtis doesn't like to talk on the phone either so I can't blame him. Life has resumed its normal schedule and we are loving it. I am so glad to be home. WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!!

Vance playing with his train and you can already see the mess that was made the first night we were home.You have to sit inside the train tracks.
A picture of the beautiful fall colors in Kentucky.
We met my cousin Darbi and my Aunt Bridget in a little town in Kentucky. My other cousin Cari drove in the night before and stayed with us. It was great to see them all again. It has been such a long time.

Vance took this picture of my in my glasses.
A picture of him in his glasses too!!
Vance eating a sour patch kid. Cute face baby!!
Vance in the Mr. Incredible outfit. He loved to dress up in this thing. 

The girls in their fairy and princess dresses.
Vance and Olivia running over Uncle Sam and Emarie. They thought that was so much fun.
Look at those two. Such good friends.
The kids having dance time. Vance and Olivia were attempting to dance together and Emarie is being Emarie and dancing and skipping all around.
I don't know if Vance was trying to lift up Emarie or if she is lifting him and he is holding on for dear life!!
The pose at the end of the song. Fantastic!!!
Vance and Alyse playing at a great playground. These little bugs were so cute. Look at the intensity. 
Uncle Joe watching the kids outside in the heat so the pregnant ladies wouldn't have to. Great man!
Here it is again. Love the muscles boys.
Vance loved his cousin Isaac. He just crawled up into his lap and sat there for like 10 minutes. It was so adorable.
THE GIANT MAN EATING SPIDER!! This thing was huge and Isaac said he saved the kids from being dead by taking them into the bedroom while we killed it. It came in the house and we got it back out and finally threw a phone book on it. This thing was monster sized!!! NO MORE FERTILIZER!!!!