Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Our Temple trip

We had the opportunity to go to the Nauvoo temple last month and to take the elders with us. It was a great experience. The Nauvoo valley was beautiful. The river was partly frozen over and there were huge chunks of ice along the side of the river. We took the elders down to see Carthage Jail and our drive took us along the side of the river. As we were driving we saw bald eagles just sitting on the river. There were at least 15. I have never seen one up that close before. They are really beautiful. It is always and amazing experience to go to Carthage and stand in the place where Joseph and Hyrum sacrificed their lives. It is truly a blessing to be so close to these two amazing historic places. We love it here.

The Vance man!!!

Of course we can't post pictures without posting some of the love of our lives, our little boy. He is growing so quickly. He loves playing with his turtle, reading books, singing songs, nursery, putting on daddy's football helmet, throwing balls, and learning new words. He is just the cutest thing. He has now learned how to try and climb up the gate that we have to keep him out of the bathroom. It is really a funny thing to see. I am the happiest mommy at the moment because he has been taking naps in his bed now for two weeks. As some of you know I couldn't do anything to get him to take a nap in his crib before but he was ready and we finally worked out the kinks and he does great now. I am just so happy!!! Vance has this adorable personality that just shines in his smile. He is so full of life and he reminds me how amazing life truly is. Everyday is a new adventure and I am so grateful and blessed to have him to teach me everyday. He and Curtis are my life and I don't know what I would do without them. The Lord has truly blessed me.

Snowed In!!!

So I feel like I haven't posted much lately so here you are. The first set of pictures is from our trip to the Science Museum on Curtis' vacation at the beginning of the month.  We were the only ones in the museum that day and so we just had a ball.  Of course Vance and Curtis both loved the bubble room.  I think that is where we spent the most time. The bottom pictures are of the snow storm we had at the beginning of the week of our vacation and we were snowed in for a few days and as you can see there was quite a bit of snow. It is still melting. It was a really beautiful sight. I love the snow. Overall it was a really fun time because we got to spend a lot of time together as a family.