Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Pictures

As you know from below Curtis had a birthday last week and I made him a cake to celebrate. Vance begged daddy to let him blow out the candle (I say candle because I could only find one in our house.) He loves to blow out birthday candles, or any candle for that matter. I didn't get any pictures of him opening his gifts because it was really late and he was already dressed for bed but he got some new slippers and a new Hawkeye shirt. The number on the cake was my impromptu version of 27 candles and it is made out of peanut butter m&m's which are his favorite. The other picture are from our last family outing before Curtis started his next rotation. We took Vance to Chucky Cheese, which he loves, and just played games and things. I only got these few pictures of them on this roller coaster ride. They had so much fun in there. The last picture is of the amazing gift my sister made for us for Christmas. We decided to go with a Family Home Evening theme for our Christmas gifts and she made us this gorgeous chart for our family. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Ella and of course Sam, Isaac, Emarie, and Olivia. Love you all.

Vance blowing out Daddy's birthday candles.
Vance begging to blow out Daddy's candles.
Handsome birthday boy!!
The cake
Look at his adorable face. He wasn't sure but in the end I think that he liked it more than he hated it.
So fun.
The Birdno family home evening chart. Isn't it beautiful? My sister is so talented.