Monday, October 26, 2009

A quick update

Here is a quick update for all our faithful blog readers out there WE GOT A JOB! That is right it finally happened. The Birdno family will be setting down roots in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs! We are very excited for this new step in our lives. We have been so blessed to be able to stay with various family members during our time in job limbo and we are so thankful to both our parents and my sister for letting us impose on them for a while. The boys are growing so fast. Kael is starting to crawl even though he can get anywhere he needs to by army crawling. He is getting his first two teeth at the same time, I know it is just as fun as it sounds. Vance has been enjoying Pre-school here in Show Low and is anxiously awaiting Halloween this year. He is having a blast here and will miss it I am sure. He loves going into see Grandma at school and visit her class. He thinks he is just as big as those 3rd graders. I will post some pictures very soon I promise but for now that is our good news.