Monday, March 31, 2008

Our little scare

So as some of you know we had a little scare with Vance on Friday morning. We took him into the ER to try and get him some help. They couldn't figure out what was going on with him but he was just laying there not moving, not talking, not smiling, nothing. He was just laying there and sleeping and when he was awake he wasn't doing anything. Needless to say we were scared out of our minds. They took blood, a head CT, a urine sample, and a nasal flush to try and figure out what it was. He was put on an IV to rehydrate him because he was a little dehydrated but they still didn't know what it was. They decided to admit him just to observe him overnight and finally at about 6pm he woke up and ate something and started moving and talking a little bit. Thankfully the next morning he was ok but that day was the worst day of my life. I hate not knowing what is going on. I can handle it if I know but not knowing was killing me. I was an emotional wreck but through the thoughts and prayers of our family and friends he got better and I was able to deal with everything. He got discharged on Saturday at about 2:30pm and we still didn't know what had caused it. When we got home the PA called us and told us that the Nasal flush had shown that he had Parainfluenza 3 which is a virus that can cause croup and that that might have been what had caused him to act that way. So finally we knew what we needed to do and where to go from there. He is doing so much better and back to his normal active self, thank goodness. I used to get so tired and frustrated with him jumping and running all over the place but you never know how much you love that until he doesn't do it anymore. I am so thankful to my Father in heaven for making our precious son whole again. I am also so grateful for my amazing husband Curtis and his strength when I had none. He was such a great support to me even though he was going through the same things with me. He is so much stronger than I am and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Well here are some pictures of Vance with his little IV.


Vance and his new hair

Yes I said it we cut my cute curly boys hair. I am still crying about it because his curls were so cute but he is still just so adorable so it doesn't really matter. I just got tired of people calling him a girl and just broke down and cut it. He looks like a little man. SO HANDSOME. So here it is everyone.

Before the cut sitting in the tub.
Look at that cute hair!!
And then I started to cut it off. WHAT AM I DOING!!!
Oh but doesn't he look so cute!!!
He really looks a lot different.
The next day I wanted to try it spiked up and I think it looked so cute.
The whole outfit and hair, HEART BREAKER!!!!!!

Oklahoma here we come!!!

This is from our families trip to the Oklahoma city Memorial. It was a very peaceful place. When you look at the walls they represent the minute before and after the bombing. The significance is the moment we were innocent and the moment when the world changed. It was a beautiful monument. The pool represents the mysteries of life. There was a chair that represented each person that lost their lives in the building on all nine floors. If you look closely you will see small chairs which represent the children that were killed in the daycare. Each chair has a persons name on it so you can see all the people that were lost. On the opposite side of the pool there is a tree that is called the Survivor tree which was the only tree that survived the blast. It is a really neat tree. Then there is the fence which is just a portion of the original fence that went around the bombed site while they were searching and clearing it out. They saved this portion so that people would still have a means to express their feelings about that day. Across the street is a statue of Christ with his back turned to the building and his face in his hands which shows his pain for the loss of those innocent people. It was quite the experience. It always makes me stop and think about how grateful I am for my life and for all those that give their lives so that we can be free. Thank you Ella and Sam for taking us there it was great.

The first pictures are from Ted's mexican cafe. It was so Choice!!! Thanks for finding that because Curtis was in heaven with those homemade tortillas. The rest of the pictures are from Incredible Pizza. It is like a Chucky Cheese but sooooooo much better. Vance was all over the place. He thought he was in heaven with that train. He was an expert at it by the end. We were there for a very long time but the kids all enjoyed themselves as did the adults. There were games for all ages. Another one of Vance's favorites was that little carousel. He kept running back to it and trying to get onto the fish. He was so funny. He was in and out and around and through everything he could be. It was great family fun.

These are just a few pictures of us hanging out enjoying each other. Vance loved hanging around Isaac and Darron. They were like his big brothers for the whole week. They really played so well together. Darron did miss Vance when we left and was begging Alethia to give him a baby brother and to name him Vance. It was so cute. All the kids had a great time. We adults had a ball as well. We played some games but we really just enjoyed each others company most of all. Our visits are few and far between. Mimi and Papa also decided to celebrate all the grandbabies birthdays while we were there so there is a cake with all there names on it. Hans, Holly, and Kelsie left before we got to the cake but Kelsie is on there as well. You can imagine how fun it was trying to keep six kids fingers out of the cake so that we could take pictures. It was so funny. We loved being there and spending time with the McAdam's and the Broderick's. Thank you so much for everything. WE LOVE YOU!!