Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our family enjoyed a very fun Easter this year. On Friday our Community Center had an Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt and we signed Vance up to go and participate. He was so excited to swim for one thing but got even more excited when he got to see the "Brother" and "Sister" Easter Bunnies, according to him. We had a fun time gathering eggs in the pool. Mom was trying to keep us all afloat because Daddy had to stay a little later at the clinic so he was very sad he missed Vance getting the eggs but he say us get to play in the pool afterward. We decided to have our Easter on Saturday to try and make Sunday all about the Savior and so we asked special permission from the Easter Bunny to have our baskets brought then and he graciously agreed. Vance came down from his quiet time and immediately saw his basket hidden behind the couch. He was so excited about his shovel because now he can help mommy and daddy in the back yard. He also got sunglasses, a kite, a rubber duck, and a new shirt to match brother. Of course there was candy and he loved that too. Kael slept for a long time and didn't see his basket until after dinner, hence the diaper attire. He also got a kite, rubber duck, sunglasses, a new shirt and he got bubbles as well. Vance and Daddy had a fun Easter Egg hunt in the front yard while Mommy stayed inside with the sleeping boy. Vance insisted on hiding some eggs and having Curtis find them. He thought it was great. We enjoyed a nice dinner of Biscuits and Gravy, Curtis' favorite. The boys loved it! Sunday was a wonderful day. We dressed in our Easter Sunday colors and went to the Church house to watch Conference with some members of the ward. The boys did great and it was a different experience watching it in the chapel in your sunday clothes. What a wonderful Conference we had. Vance was excited that he knew a few of the songs the choir sang this weekend. Anyway, we hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as we did. We love and miss you all! Enjoy our pictures.

Vance and the Easter Bunnies!
Mom red faced from trying to keep an egg hunting Vance from going under while holding a bag and Kael.
Dying Easter Eggs
So many fun colors.
Vance in his undies dying eggs, I just didn't want to try and clean dye out of his clothes.
Daddy's egg Creation!
Vance's egg dipped in all the colors.
Daddy eating mommy's girly egg.
Kael eating a hanger!
Vance running right to his basket.
Look an egg!
My pink rubber duck, the duck had to be pink, the bucket had to be pink, and the grass had to be pink. What can I say the boy likes pink!
OOO there is something chocolate in that egg.
OOO is is a marshmallow YUM!

The video of Kael and his basket and the spoils of the day.

Vance and his new cool shades!
Daddy searching for his eggs.
Vance on his hunt.
Look at all these!
Dinner yum!
Look at my food and my huge fork!
What a face!
Our family Easter picture.
My handsome boys!