Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Kael!!!

To my sweet Kael on your birthday:
One year ago today you came into the world. You came a little earlier than expected but I have come to find that all the things you do in your life are on your time and no one else's. You were so small and sweet but those eyes captured my heart and held it. You had such strength from the beginning and it has continued to grow everyday. I couldn't wait to bring you home and get to know you more. From day one your brother has adored you and now we can see how much you adore him. You would follow him anywhere. You love dancing and playing with Vance, especially when you play cars. He can always make you smile and would carry you anywhere we would let him. You crawl and climb wherever you can and I am sure you will walk when you are ready. Your eyes can make anyone smile and you smile can make me cry. I love all the cuddles you give me and appreciate all the slobbery kisses. You are growing so fast and will soon by walking away and creating your independence. But for now I will hold you when I can and love you always. I love you my sweet little Kael. Happy Birthday!
Love Mommy

Things I can do:
I can crawl
I can walk along the furniture, or anything for that matter
I can stand alone when I think no one is looking
I can say Dadda, Momma, Broder, thank you, and love you, again on my own terms
I can eat just about anything, and do
I can keep up with my brother in just about anything he does
I can stack things
I can climb the stairs
I can climb in the bath tub
I love cars
I love my brother
I love my family

Oh and I am going to be a big brother!