Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring is finally here... Sort of!!

Vance was falling asleep in the car but he couldn't stop chewing his pretzels.
He had just put a new pretzel in his mouth, I just missed it sticking out. Still so cute!!
Our fun day at the park. Vance was enjoying the chipmunk and was really trying hard to get it to rock.
Vance and all his cuteness on the swing.
"You want me to do what?"
"Okay!" WEEEEEEEEEE all the way down.
Our family on the bridge over the Iowa River.
These boys are so cute you are pretty much distracted from how high the water is in the background.
Let's go fly a kite!! This is one of Vance's new favorite things to do and of course we have had plenty of wind.
Vance flying his new Turtle kite all by himself.
"See mom!!!"
Then he got bored and decided to come and throw rocks.
He found a stick and threw it too.
So much force behind the throw he was struggling to keep his balance.
If this isn't a picture perfect moment I don't know what is. SO CUTE!!!!