Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Family and Friends!

The Birdno Family 2010

Another year has come and gone with never a dull moment for sure. This year began with many ups and downs as we traveled back and forth from Arizona to see family. We celebrated 6 years of marriage in February. We also bought our first home in March. We are grown-ups now J. We have been blessed to be able to see both of our families this year and look forward to many more exciting trips as a family.

Curtis really enjoys his new job. He loves the people he works with and really enjoys making a difference everyday. Not long after we moved to Falcon he was called into the Elders Quorum Presidency. He doesn’t need to find things to keep himself busy that is for sure but he always finds time to play with the boys.

Crystal was called to teach the Young Women and truly loves her calling. She attended Young Women’s Camp in June and learned so much. She gave birth to Merek David in August on his due date and has been busy taking care of all her boys since.

Vance turned four this year and became a sunbeam. He has developed so much. He loves to play in his back yard, especially in the sand box daddy made. He is an extremely loving and helpful big brother. He loves to play games, build with his blocks, dress up as a super hero, play dinosaurs, and attempt to read and write.

Kael turned one in February and seems so big now. He started walking and talking this year. He also made the leap to big brother as well, which he has taken to very well. He loves to do whatever Vance does and can’t get enough of his brothers. He loves to sing and dance and is often found doing so in around the house.

Merek came into our lives in August and is four months now. Time flies by when you are having fun. He loves to laugh at his brothers. He can almost sit up and loves to play in his excersaucer. His laugh is contagious and can be heard almost all day. He is such a sweet and happy boy.

There is our life this year. We are so thankful to our Father in Heaven for the blessings we have been given and for our Savior Jesus Christ for his example and love. We are grateful for this time of year that we have to serve one another and remember the Saviors birth. We love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


The Birdno Family

Curtis, Crystal, Vance, Kael, and Merek

Monday, November 22, 2010

The current comings and goings of the boys!

I really wanted to put an update on here while I remember some of the sweet things Vance has said recently.

M: What did you learn in primary today?
V: About the Sacrament.
M: What about it?
V: That we take it to remember the Jesus died for us so we can be a forever family.
M:Oh that is great.
V: Yeah now I know about Jesus, Super heroes, Ninja turtles, and the Sacrament.
M: HEHEHE That is great!

V: Mommy, Perhaps we should get another Ice cream for me!

V: Chill out mommy it is just Kael.
M: Hmmm

V: What are we doing?
M: Getting daddy a drink because he doesn't feel very well.
V: I took a bite of his ice cream so I need my own soda.
M: We'll see

V: Oh mommy I am so Frustrated!

V: Can I have another Portilla? (Tortilla)

Kael is also saying a lot now. He also wants to do everything that Vance does. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

K: All done
K: Pees
K:Das all
K: Les Go
K:D Apple

Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I guess it is time to put on pictures from our halloween adventures together before it was Thanksgiving! We had a great time this year. Vance was so excited about it for weeks before it happened which of course made Kael excited, although he wasn't sure why he was excited. Vance wanted to be Superman at first, then a cowboy, then a cowboy with super powers, until he finally decided to be Buzz Lightyear. Kael was a pirate and Merek a little dragon. We first did Boo at the Zoo and enjoyed trick-or-treating around the zoo. Then we carved our pumpkins and finally had out ward trunk-or-treat along with the community center's games. It was all really fun, although we did miss Curtis. He was in Iowa for a classmates wedding. So there you are. Enjoy our pictures.

Hurray for pumpkins
Cute boy
Now that is excitement!
He had to strip down to paint his pumpkin but he had to keep on his cape. Silly guy.
Kael painting.
Bigger cheese!
Cutest cheese!
Vance painting his stem

Kaels' pumpkin

Vances' two-faced pumpkin.
On the porch! Scary monsters.
The "B" pumpkin!
Of course the traditional ASU and IOWA pumpkins.
Our pre-Daddy leaving Halloween pizza. Cute huh!
B00 at the Zoo.
He couldn't wait to get his chin curl
And of course Kael had to have what brother had so here is his Stach!
Sweet Merek bundled up.
Some beautiful fall colors
Huge python!
He didn't even wait for the wrapper to come off and yes that is a toothbrush, one of 4 actually!
Vance and the Storm Troopers.
Jack Sparrow and a hesitant looking Buzz
More Star wars.
And of course Darth Vador
Traditional Mummies and Witch fingers.
The night of the Trunk-or-treat.
So precious
Oh those eyes!
And sweet Buzz


Throwing the bean bag in the ring!
Apparently dropping instead of throwing the ball in the bucket.
Our patient dragon.
Guess where the spider is.
Our neighbors as Max the bunny and of course...
Harry Potter!
Jack Sparrow and the not so merry Pirate Kael

This last weekend we had the chance to go to the Denver temple and so we went to dinner at IHOP. Some fun pictures at dinner.
Daddy and Vance
Mommy and Merek, in cognito!
Merek and Daddy
Vance with his drumsticks
And of course sweet Kael and his "CHEESE"!

I also need to put down Mereks' stats so I won't forget them:

Wt: 11 lbs 8oz
Ht: 24 inches

Grabbing at things
Recognizes all our faces
Trying to sit up, silly guy
Sleeps through the night, OH YEAH BABY!
Cooing and jabbering all time.
Loves his tummy time