Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well this Halloween was so much fun. Vance loved every minute of it. He really got into dressing up this year. Now I don't think that had anything to do with the fact that he got to be Buzz Lightyear, RIGHT!!! On Halloween morning he kept saying "Haween, Haween" and "t or Teet" it was so funny. I couldn't believe that he remembered it but all day he kept asking if he could get Buzz on and I kept telling him no but he kept asking. Well we went trick-or-treating at the mall with some friends and ate dinner there as well. It was Family Friday so the Carousel was free and we had to take three rides on that, poor daddy. The Hawkeye Basketball team had set up a little place where the kids could come and get candy and have a poster with all their signatures on it so we did that and Vance was freaking out because Herky, the Hawkeye Mascot, was there and he kept saying "Monster mommy, scared." He loves Herky but I guess it is only from a distance. After the mall we went to Wal-mart to end out trick-or-treating and he had a great time. Well it just kept getting better for him because our ward party was on Saturday so he got to dress up again and go trick-or-treating again. He loved every minute of it. We couldn't keep him off the stage while they were trying to do all the prizes and such. He didn't win this year but he sure did look cute. We all went as Buzz, Woody, and Jessie from Toy Story. We looked cute if I do say so myself. On Thursday night we decided to make our own costumes and I ended up sewing Curtis' vest, his holster and star, and my chaps. It was great fun let me tell you. But in the end I think it was worth it. Halloween is really fun, especially when your kids get into and enjoy it with you. 

Vance giving his best Cheese for the camera while trying on his Buzz costume that he wouldn't take off for like 30 minutes.
For Family Home Evening we carved pumpkins and Vance got to color his.
He was really serious about it as you can see. He just assumed the position and went at it, and he had to color mommy and daddy's as well.
"Look at that!"
"OOps I got some on my tummy" or in Vance's words "Mess"
Here is Curtis' annual Sun Devil Pumpkin. I traced this off the computer and he cut it out. Go team!!

Looks pretty good.
I decided to torture myself and do a Lightning Mcqueen design which I had to trace off a box and figure out how to shade and what not. After almost cutting my finger off I think it looks pretty good.
In the light this is what it looked like.
My Woody and Buzz getting ready to go trick-or-treating.
Our family at the mall.
This is from carousel ride number two. I just thought it was a super cute picture.
Buzz playing on the electric toys.

This I think was from ride number one. Curtis looks like he is having a great time.
Oh this is the Pull string that I put on the back of his vest because Woody has a Pull string so we had to have a Pull string.
Vance coloring at our Halloween Party. He loved coloring that thing.
Our family picture.
My boys.
Vance throwing the balloon around with some friends.
Here he is on stage finally. He doesn't like attention at all!!! HEHEHE~