Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vances big boy haircut

So I was informed by my sweet husband that it was time for Vance to get a "Big Boy" haircut. What does that even mean? Anyway, I guess it means to cut his hair with the clippers instead of trying to cut it with the scissors alone and only cutting a little bit off. So after much deliberation and mourning over his adorable curls I did it! To my surprise Vance did great. he just thought the clippers tickled and sat the whole time sucking on his sucker. I did use scissors on the top because I just didn't want it that short all at once. I did pretty good until I looked at the hair in the trash and started crying because all his curls were sitting there but hey I am also 32 weeks pregnant so a little emotion is expected. So now Vance has had his first "Big Boy" haircut which I will say is his first step to becoming the big brother and not the baby anymore. He looks adorable of course but it was difficult to do. Forgive the hair and sucker stickies on his chest. We just took the pictures while he was sitting still. Such a cute kid. Oh and last night I realized that he can totally open the doors with the child locks on them. GREAT!! Now what do I do to keep him out? Oh well maybe with the new independence comes better listening skills. HAHAHAHA!

Here is the final product. What a cute cheese.
An attempt to take if from the side.

Our first picture after cutting it. What a ham. This is what he usually looks like when you say "Cheese"!! Goofy kid.