Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vance, need I say more

What can I say I have the cutest son in the world. He is always cracking me up. In the last few days he has just started talking and talking and talking. I don't always know what he is saying but he sure does say a lot.  He is so polite and sweet. He says please most of the time and thank you almost all the time. He is really excited about his Baby Brother coming. He loves baby's and every time he hears a baby cry he says "Baby Bottle?" He wants to give the baby a bottle to help it stop crying. So cute. Well here are just some cute pictures of our sweet boy.

How cute is that face.
Vance has on Daddy's hat, slippers, and is putting on his belt.
When his hands are messy he won't pick up his cup he does this instead so it doesn't get dirty.
Bubble fun!
Silly kid
Giving himself a beard.
Daddy and Vance with bubble beards.
Vance put his giraffe JJ to sleep here and is pretending to snore.
Having fun in Daddy's Halloween costume.
He loved his hat.
His favorite thing to do is to grab the had and say "EEEEHAAAW!
And the final product.
Vance in his big boy underwear. So cute.