Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funny moments

Tonight we had several funny moments with the boys and I have to write them down or I will forget. We were in the van and the AC was on because it was pretty warm in the van and after a bit Vance says "Dad can you turn down the air because I am cold and there are things sticking out of my skin!" Curtis then said "Those are called goosebumps bud. Do you know why? Because when people would pull the feathers off of a goose the skin looks like it has bumps on it." Vance said "But dad I have never eaten a goose feather!" He was a little confused about it all but it sure was funny.
Later we were sitting on the lawn having a fun family dessert when Curtis said he was smelling something stinky. Vance immediately said "It's not me!" Curtis turns to Kael and says "Kael are you poopy?" and Kael says with "that" look on his face and says "No!" while he is filling his diaper. He continued to deny being poopy for the the next 20 minutes and wouldn't let us change him.

So Merek likes to suck his thumb when he is sleeping but has recently started sucking it in the middle of the day at random times. So I decided to put his thumb in my mouth when he tried to suck on his thumb. Well he just thought that was so funny and kept pulling it out of my mouth and sticking it back in. Then when I wasn't paying attention he tried to suck on his thumb while it was in my mouth! Slobbery little kisses. It was pretty cute.

The boys are just growing so fast and we are enjoying their sweet little personalities, for the most part! LOL