Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My poke, the strange weather, corn, and Labor day softball

So Vance had to get his hemoglobin checked and they poked his finger well he got a ton of stickers and he decided to put them all on at the same time. He was very proud of that.

We had a really stormy day last week and it just looked really eerie outside. It was like looking at an old picture. The colors were so muted. Crazy stuff here in Iowa.

So we are in Iowa after all so what would life be like without corn on the cob. Vance has refused to try up until two days ago when he realized that it looked good. He would only eat a big piece and not the smaller one that I had cut for him. He was so cute when he was eating his big corn on the cob. And of course it included him saying "MMMM Licious!"

Last but not least we had our annual Ward Labor Day softball game. Vance had to try out his new ball, bat, and glove. He loved watching daddy play and actually got to go out onto the field himself for a moment in between games. It was a little bit warm but a red cheeked Vance would not be discouraged. He had a ball throwing rocks, hitting his ball, and climbing all over the bleachers. We had a great day.

Vance playing with his ball and bat.
He hasn't quite gotten the concept of the ball being hit in the air but he was trying.
Curtis waiting for his turn to bat.
After a nice hit Curtis runs to the base.
Vance dragging the big bat out onto the field for his turn.
Here he comes look out.
And he gets it up in the air but we thankfully stopped him before he swung and hit Cylynn and Sanah. Silly boy!!!

Our trip to the Fire Station

We had a play group where we went to the Iowa City Fire Station and the kids got to see all the trucks, where the fireman live, and of course the best thing about fire stations the POLE. We really had a great time. Vance loved sitting in the fire truck and he didn't want to get out. They even had a call while we were there which made it even more exciting. The funniest thing was when we went to look at the exercise equipment Vance found a treadmill and hopped right on and pretended that he was running on it. How he knew what to do on a treadmill I will never know but it was so funny.

Iowa State Fair

So I know it was a while ago but better late than never. We went to the State Fair a two weeks ago and just had a great time. It was really fun to see all the animals, fruits, and vegetables that they entered in the fair. Vance just loved the petting zoo of exotic animals. He of course also loved all the other animals as well, especially the pigs. We sampled the food and just relaxed and enjoyed. In the end Vance and Curtis took a turn on a spinning ride and Curtis was getting sick while Vance seemed to like it pretty well. They were so fun to watch. It was great.