Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vance the Knight/blindfolded drummer and Aunt Nana comes to town

So Vance found some of his birthday presents and I figured he will be just as happy to get them again so I decided to take some pictures of him. This was when he woke up from a nap with me and I saw him leaving the room and when I came out this is what he looked like. What a cute boy.

Vance has rediscovered a little hat that he got for his birthday last year and he loves to put it on backwards. Well on this particular day he found out that he could put it over his eyes and he couldn't see. We think he could see but he still pretended like he couldn't see. So he was playing his drumsticks on whatever he could find to bang. It was pretty funny.

My sister Breann aka Aunt Nana came into town and we went down to Nauvoo to see my mom and her youth group and here are some pictures from that. Vance kept saying "Oh Baby!!" and giving the statue hugs and kisses. The kids all thought it was so cute.
Here he is showing us his muscle pose. Papa would be so proud.
It had rained just before we got there and this is a picture I took of some of the flowers in the Women's garden. I thought they were beautiful.
Breann in front of the Nauvoo temple.
Aunt Nana was brave enough to let Vance play with her camera and he did pretty good with it. Our future photographer.
My mom and sister playing the stick pull game. I will let them tell you all who won. It was so funny.
On our way home we stopped in Swedesburg a little Swedish-American town and took some pictures. This little goat had one horn pointing up and one pointing down. It was so funny.
Breann by a corn field in Iowa.
The little Hay statue in front of the Swedesburg museum.
Breann in front of the town sign but I don't know if you can see it really well. The sun was just in the wrong place. We had a ball taking these pictures. I left out the ones where Breann almost fell in a ditch trying to get by the corn field. So much fun.